Darren Cheung

Darren Cheung, the founder of the myegiftmall.com, has devoted himself to the investment and application of Cryptocurrency in the past decade.

Today, myegiftmall.com is created to make more people enjoy the convenience and benefits of using Cryptocurrency. The investment income in the Cryptocurrency market allows us to give myegiftmall’s customers greater discounts and a more privacy-oriented lifestyle, Let’s live on Crypto!

A word from Darren

I don’t really care how much myegiftmall can bring me, but I hope myegiftmall can bring convenience and new lifestyle to customers. I started using Cryptocurrency in 2010, and I have made a lot of gains in the past few years, I hope to connect my
loved career with more people, so myegiftmall.com was born, and I do believe Cryptocurrency is the future!